When to stop cosmetic surgery – and what you can do instead

We’ve all seen those cosmetic surgery disaster TV shows, and photos of celebrities who have taken things too far with too many face lifts, and don’t look like themselves anymore.

Why have some people become so obsessed with cosmetic surgery?

Social media is a big influence, causing some people to want cosmetic surgery much younger, and more often, chasing that Insta-perfect pout. The photo shopped images we see in our social feeds, can make any of us more particular about how we look, wanting perfection, says Cosmedic Professionals founder, Rita Porreca.

“There is no perfect look,” Rita adds. “If we look hard enough we all find our imperfections, but other people don’t see that. We’re just so hard on ourselves.”

What’s healthier, she says, is to accept ourselves, and enhance – rather than drastically change – what we’ve got.

So, when is enough enough with cosmetic surgery?

While there’s nothing wrong with going under the knife – as long as you’re fully informed about all the risks and consequences – knowing when to quit can be difficult. Here are some signs that it’s time to stop.

Cosmetic surgery procedures inevitably result in scarring of varying degrees.

Repeatedly having surgery, such as a breast lift or face lift, can leave scars on top of scars – which can create a cycle of trying to fix one scar but creating more.

Some people also become fixated on scars not caused by cosmetic surgery, which Rita sometimes has to treat in her clinic.
“I’ll say to them, ‘You realise that by us treating this scar it may make it more obvious – are we changing one problem for another?”

A lot of scars are associated with whatever happened that resulted in the scar, whether from injury for example. It’s a reminder of what happened more than the scar itself, Rita explains. “So sometimes you need to ask them: is it the scar or the experience you need to address?”

Psychological factors
When someone keeps wanting more and more cosmetic surgery, chances are it’s to cover a feeling of not being good enough.

“I feel people need to address their psychological state if they keep going back for more cosmetic surgery,” Rita says. “They need to be realistic about what their expectations are, and how they envisage the way they want to look.”

Surgical risks and costs
While cosmetic surgery offers a more instant result, it also carries more risks (and downtime) than non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

Not just scarring, but complications from general anaesthetic, infection risk and delayed recovery. There’s also the much higher financial costs. You need to decide if it’s really worth it.

When you don’t look like yourself anymore
Anti-ageing treatments and procedures are about enhancement, not becoming unrecognisable.

Even with non-surgical cosmetic treatments, such as injectables, Rita says she can tell which injector someone has been to, because they look so similar. “They start to look like sisters because they’ve all been to the same injector! They’ve all got these massive cheeks and lips. Not all enhancements have to be big changes, just go subtle. Look at it more as ageing gracefully with a bit of enhancement. That’s beautiful.”

There are more natural alternatives

Our treatments at Cosmedic Professionals are designed to enhance your appearance, so you look like a better version of yourself, not a different person.

We have a range of treatments such as Injectables, Skin Needling, Plasma and HIFU that offer amazing, long-lasting results.
With our focus being on rejuvenation, our treatments stimulate your skin’s own natural functions. Our expert team can advise you on the treatments that most benefit you, and we only suggest as much as you need.

As our tagline says: ‘Beauty is about making everything about you the best it can be’.

So, learn to love what you’ve got – just enhance it, with one of our non-surgical cosmetic treatment

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