As technology improves, we get better results from non-surgical skin treatments. And each year brings a new set of beauty trends and popular skin-enhancing procedures.

From make-up tricks to hi-tech results-based cosmetic procedures, Rita Porreca gives her rundown of this year’s hottest beauty and anti-ageing trends.

  1. Cosmetic tattooing: Feathering eyebrows
    Thank the Kardashians for the trend of bold, thick eyebrows. But not all of us are blessed with full brows. The cosmetic tattooing technique of eyebrow feathering, or microfeathering can create a realistic full brow look, and add youthful colour to your face if your eyebrows have faded. Done with a microblade or very fine needle machine, the strokes simulate individual hairs in pigment colours matched to your skin tone. Microblade eyebrows need to be redone every 6 months, while fine needle brows last longer, up to 2 years.

Who is it for? If you have gaps in your eyebrow growth, want fuller brows, or you’ve lost your brows due to menopause or alopecia.

Rita’s tip: Check your tattoo artist’s years of experience. The end result of your brows depends on not only the artist’s application skills, but their colour-blending knowledge. You don’t want to be left with a blue or red colour as the pigment fades!


  1. Treatment: Hydra Facial
    Our popular Hydra Facial exfoliates, deeply cleans, and hydrates in one. This truly unique treatment uses hot and cold currents to lift, smooth and tighten skin while infusing skin care products. It combines the benefits of microdermabrasion and the oxygen facial in one effective treatment.
    Who is it for? Everyone!
    Rita’s tip: If you’re after only one treatment with the best all-round results, this is it.
  2. Treatment: Skin needling
    Skin needling, AKA meso needling or micro needling has been around for a while, but with advanced technology, it’s much more effective now and less painful.
    Who is it for? Skin needling helps reduce acne scarring and other scars, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, and improves skin texture and tone.
    Rita’s tip: Combine skin needling with a peel that helps break down pigmentation, for truly rejuvenated skin.
  3. Cosmetic tattooing: Bold lipstick

Lip tint tattooing can bring shape and colour back to your lips. With a range from light to deeper shades, you may only need to wear lip gloss! Don’t expect bright red lips though, the pigment shades are natural and blended with your own skin tone. But you can still wear that dark lipstick if you want.

Who is it for? If you have thin lips, this can make them look fuller. If you have fine lip lines, a lip tattoo treatment prevents lipstick bleeding as it forms a clean edge around your lips.
Rita’s tip: Be aware you can lose up to 60% of lip colour in the first 5 days. And make sure the clinic you attend has appropriate infection control certification and practices for any cosmetic tattooing treatments.


  1. Make-up: Highlighting
    This pro make-up trick brings out your best features and has become an essential part of a make-up routine. Skilful highlighting makes your eyes pop, your nose look narrower, and gives you a radiant, youthful glow – whatever your age.
    Rita’s tip: Apply your foundation first, then add highlighter on top, followed by your blusher. We use O Cosmedics 1Skin Treatment foundations and highlighters.


  1. Make-up: Tan in a bottle
    Winter is coming – but you don’t have to stay pale, or dehydrated. Keep your healthy glow with easy at-home tanning in a bottle for face and body. Try a face tan water, for a subtle sun-kissed glow with a moisturising boost of hyaluronic acid.
    Rita’s tip: We use Australian-made, certified organic, vegan, non-toxic Ecotan. Just apply at night and you’ll wake up tanned! Use every second day for a subtle, deeper tan. And top up every 2-3 days for year-round glow.


  1. Treatment: Natural eyelash lift
    Let’s face it: false eyelashes are fiddly. So, why not lift them for a longer-lasting look? Unlike eyelash perming, which curls lashes back, the natural eyelash lift technique lifts them up so they appear longer. Your eyes look more open and vibrant, too.
    Who is it for? It’s great if you don’t want eyelash extensions, and it helps correct lashes that curl down or sit straight.
    Rita’s tip: For best results, do this every 4-6 weeks. We also recommend applying EyEnvy serum to help grow your lashes if you’ve lost some from wearing extensions or fake eyelashes.


  1. Treatment: Non-surgical eye lift
    Using plasma current technology, this effective non-surgical eye treatment works by stimulating an instant contraction and tightening of skin fibres, or fibroblasts. You’ll need around 5 days down time, while the treated area peels to reveal smooth, lifted skin around your eyes. Your eye area will continue to lift for up to 3 months.
    Who is it for?
    If you want real results without surgery. It’s great for crepey skin under eyes and loose eyelids. It helps reduce ‘smoker’s lines’ around lips, and smooths out wrinkles anywhere on the face. It’s also good for crepey skin on the neck and even around the tummy.
    Rita’s tip: Sometimes, you may need 2 treatments for best results. It’s still better than facing the risks of surgery.


  1. Treatment: HIFU skin tightening
    High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, or HIFU is a non-surgical facelift and body tightening treatment that delivers focused ultrasound energy to 3 layers of your skin to stimulate collagen production and firm the skin – with no down time!
    Who is it for? Facial treatments lift and tighten the eyes and neck area, reduce jowls and naso-labial folds, and soften smile lines. Body tightening reduces stubborn fat around tummy, thighs, underarms and back.
    Rita’s tip:
    Everyone’s different – some people respond quicker. Depending on the area being treated, you will see improvements after 1 treatment, with results continuing up to 6 months. We recommend 2 to 3 treatments 3 months apart to get the desired look. To maintain results, we recommend a top up every 6 or 12 months.


At Cosmedic Professionals, we’re all about effective non-surgical treatments that improve your skin’s appearance and health – so you look your best for longer. Want to find out more about the treatments we’ve mentioned? Get in touch!





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