About Cosmedic Professionals

Welcome to Cosmedic Professionals, your Regeneration cosmetic clinic in Sydney offering a wide range of beauty treatments and cosmetic procedures under a single roof.

Rita Porreca of Sydney Permanent Makeup Centre is a well-known & respected name in the cosmetic industry for over 30 years. Throughout her professional journey, she found a missing link between Beauty Treatments, Medical Procedures and Alternative Health Therapies.
She finally found her answer by aligning inner health with the concept of outer beauty and voilà, she decided to bring together all these elements under one single roof and this was how Cosmedic Professionals was incepted.

Cosmedic Professionals is driven by her passion to create a centre that provides personalised natural beauty treatments and lasting cosmetic results.

We combine the elements of cosmetic procedures, alternate health therapies and beauty treatments together to offer a unique mix of services that match your individual aesthetic requirements and style. 

We know how beautiful you are and we strive to accentuate that beauty, bring it out and show it to the world.

Cosmedic Professionals is a one of its kind clinic where you can find the answers to a wide range of cosmetic and beauty requirements.

We offer solutions for:

  • Cosmetic & Medical Tattooing
  • Tattoo Removal – Non Laser
  • Corrective Skin dermal peels Treatments
  • Skin (meso) Needling treatments
  • Face and Neck Tightening With HIFU
  • Body Tightening with HIFU 
  • Hydrating facials
  • Plasmalift Non-Surgical eyelid and wrinkle removal.
  • Cryopen for treating skin irregularities (Moles, red tags & pigment spots)
  • Anti- wrinkle Injectable solutions
  • And much more

Our commitment to providing a wide range of premium quality, specialised beauty and cosmetic services in a natural but affective way, that’s what makes us different from other clinics.

We don't believe in exterior appearances alone. Our old fashioned service focuses on your overall health and well-being, for we strongly believe that true beauty comes from within.  Our treatments and procedures aim at restoring that happiness by making you feel great about your face, your body and the way you look.

Cosmedic Professionals is a group of specialists joining together under a single umbrella to give you the confidents you deserve.

Beauty is about making everything about “YOU” the best it can be!