Observ 520 Skin Analysis

OBSERV 520 is a new state-of-the-art skin analysis machine that makes it easier for Dermal Therapist with accurate skin condition skin diagnosis at both the epidermal and dermal layer. It uses advanced camera technology to diagnose the skin’s condition, looking deep into several layers of skin. Armed with data from the OBSERV 520, Dermal Therapist can more accurately detect issues and recommend skin treatments.


    Six Observation Modes

  1. Daylight - The machine captures the skin through simulated daylight.
  2. Parallel Polarised - The machine gets a more in-depth look at the skin’s texture and captures fine lines, pores, wrinkles, and other areas that may require treatment.
  3. Cross Polarised - The machine focuses on redness, discolouration, and pigmentation.
  4. Simulated Woods Light - The machine uses blue light to detect dehydration and oiliness.
  5. Complexion Analysis - The machine highlights areas that may need treatment and predicts how the skin will look in ten years.
  6. True UV - The machine detects issues hidden under the skin surface. 

    How well do you really know your skin?

    The skin is much more complex than what we can see with the naked eye – Our Observ 520 for professional skin analysis can help you understand what treatments would work best for you to achieve the best results.  With advanced skin analysis technology we can view blemishes, fine lines, dryness and uneven skin tone in depth. This allows us to better understand your unique skin to treat existing imperfections, and even address underlying concerns before they become visible.

    At Cosmedic Professionals we drive to see the best results, once we know what your concerns are using the OBSERV 520 skin analysis we can design the right skin treatment package just for YOU!

    Get ready to face the facts on the true state of your skin!

    Our OBSERV 520 will examine:
    • Wrinkles and fine lines, including ones you can’t even see yet!
    • The sebum (oil) content of your skin, which can contribute to acne
    • Pigmentation, closely assess freckles, sun damage and age spots
    • The true size of your pores – are enlarged pores a problem for your skin?
    • The moisture content of your skin, a serious age-contributing factor!
    • Loss of skin firmness. Is your skin losing elasticity at a rapid rate?
    • Your skin tone your overall skin health

    What will the results mean?

    After the OBSERV 520 scans your skin, it will automatically provide six different images of your skin. Our experienced and trained dermal technicians will prescribe you with a personal skin treatment plan that will recommend the best treatments to treat your concerns & provide the best long-term skin health possible.

    Keep in touch with your skin

    Our professional skin analysis not only correctly determines the problem areas in your skin; it also allows you the opportunity to track the progress of your skin over time. You can see closer than ever before the state of your skin before treatment, and also how it looks throughout and after treatment – so you can feel even more confident in the real results our treatments provide.

    We recommend clients receive professional skin analysis with the OBSERV 520 at least twice a year to accurately track their skin progress and address any underlying skin health concerns as soon as possible. This is the best way to ensure your skin remains at optimum health all year round!


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I was always reluctant to get facials thinking my skin would break out but I'm pleasantly surprised with the treatment I received. I have been converted and now have facials every month to leave my skin feeling soft, clean and glowing

—Marija, Putney

I was recommended to try skin needling for the fine lines around my mouth. After having my first treatment I found my skin a lot firmer and smoother. My skin was slightly red for a day or two after the treatment but felt fine after that. I was also recommended to take home a Derma roller which I could do in between treatments.

—Kim, Hunters Hill