Anti-ageing skincare: your best partner for better non-surgical results

Today’s non-surgical anti-ageing treatments offer long-lasting, noticeable improvements to your appearance. And there’s one important factor in maintaining those results for as long as possible: your home skincare routine.

“When choosing anti-ageing skincare, you need to focus on what’s inside the bottle”, says Cosmedic Professionals founder, Rita Porreca. You need effective anti-ageing ingredients in the right formula. Ingredients like:

Retinol to stimulate production of collagen and new skin cells for firmer skin. Retinol helps skin ‘behave better’ – it improves texture and tone, reduces pigmentation and helps reduce acne.

Hyaluronic acid to replenish and hydrate skin. Dehydrated skin makes you look older, while restoring hydration makes your skin plump and dewy, helping you look younger.

Peptides also help boost collagen production. Our preferred skincare brand, O Cosmedics contains slow-release peptides that travel deep into skin cells for optimal results.

To get the best results from combining anti-ageing treatments with skincare, Rita recommends:
– prepping your skin before your treatment program
– having your series of non-surgical treatments
– ongoing home care between each treatment.

How to care for your skin before and after non-surgical anti-ageing treatments
Your home skincare routine depends on the treatment you’re having. So, let’s look at how to prepare and maintain your skin for our most popular treatments:
First up is the Hydra Facial, included in all our treatment programs, to deep clean, hydrate and exfoliate your skin, so it’s ready for our more intensive treatments.

Skin Needling: We recommend using retinol up until the week before your treatment, to encourage collagen production. If you’re new to retinol, Rita suggests starting on the 0.5% Potent then slowly moving to the 1% Concentrate as your skin gets used to it. If your skin’s dehydrated, try the Retinoic Oil.
If you’re having skin needling to treat rosacea and acne scarring, Rita recommends products to calm your skin, such as O Cosmedics’ Repair Serum to reduce inflammation, shrink capillaries and plump up the skin.
For general anti-ageing benefits, the hyaluronic acid and peptides in the Pure Age Defiance Serum hydrate and tighten skin, while Immortal Cream’s antioxidants protect against free radicals and soften fine lines.
Skin needling’s great to treat pigmentation, too. And to get the best results for this, Rita recommends B3 Plus for lightening your skin in preparation, and during your series of treatments.

Plasma: Before trying this highly results-driven treatment, prep with Brightening Serum to lighten pigmentation – it’s good to use it during your program too. Your skin can get a bit dry after a Plasma treatment, so Rita recommends Pure Age Defiance Serum and Immortal Cream here as well.
One month after your Plasma, once your skin is calmer, start using the appropriate retinol your skin can tolerate.

Hi Fu: Our popular skin-tightening treatment gets even better results if you use O Cosmedics’ EGF Booster to help boost your own collagen before and during your program.
Don’t forget the sunscreen!
This is one of your most powerful anti-ageing weapons, because UV radiation from the sun is the biggest contributor to faster skin ageing. Look for physical blocker sunscreen ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide over chemical absorber-style sunscreens. Why? Because the physical blockers sit on top of your skin and reflect UV rays away from the skin, while chemical sunscreen ingredients are absorbed into your skin where, they ‘soak up’ UV rays before they can penetrate into your skin’s deeper layers. But some studies suggest these ingredients may not be as safe as physical blockers.

At Cosmedic Professionals, we want you to get the best results from our non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Let us show you how our skincare solutions help you keep your looks for longer.

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