Anti Wrinkle Injections
Anti-wrinkle injections are injections using fine needles to cause temporary weakness of the targetted facial muscles. By weakening the muscles we can soften and prevent lines and wrinkles caused by expressions like smiling, frowning and laughing.

Dermal Fillers
As we age, the dermis tends to become thinner, leading to loss of volume and consequently, wrinkles. Dermal fillers are volumising substances injected into the dermis, which thereby plump up the overlying skin and replace or enhance volume.

Plasma Rich Platelets
PRP therapy is an autologous treatment, meaning it uses your own natural cells from your blood. This puts you at no risk of allergy or rejection of the treatment. This treatment has long been used to help decrease healing times.

Lipo Dissolve
Lipodissolve is a safe and affordable body shaping method and works for all body shapes. It is ideally suited to people who have problem fatty areas and would like to lose weight. For people with lean figures it’s also a great way to contour the body.

Exessive Sweating- Hyperhydrosis
For those who's excessive sweating is interfering with their life style and worrying them to have wet patches under the arms , neurotoxin gets placed over the sweat glands to stop sweating up to 6 months.

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I always believed to have graceful ageing, until  I woke up one morning and looked the person in the mirror was so not me. My face was drawn , tired and I had big dark circles under my eyes and suddenly I noticed I almost aged over night.

It was time to do something about it  and thorough a good  friend who always talk about her skin care girl I found Eda. Her consultation alone changed the way I felt about myself let alone her injectable treatments ! She thought me  It's not just about looks  it's also about how you feel under your skin , what can you do to correct , protect and prevent . Her Less Is More attitude won me over forever.

Now when I walk out I look fresh and natural just like my friend who referred me to her. I  thought she had naturally great looks but clearly she had Eda' s touch well before me. I can't speak high enough of her professionalism and her care towards her clients!

—Karen Evans

Renew Cosmetic and it's team is driven by passion . Eda' s attention to detail eye makes the natural look to be achieved by injectables and from the first moment she meets you thorough the consultation, treatment and follow up she is 150% committed to her work and her client. 

—Claire S.