Medical Tattooing


Post-operative care treatments for Areola re-pigmentation and corrective camouflage for scars.

Areola re-pigmentation is the final stage of breast reconstruction and is also considered by those with areola colour loss. After the nipple reconstruction is completed, the tattooing process may begin, 6-12 weeks post surgery.


Corrective camouflage can be performed on your areola, scalp and white scarring also fantastic for facial corrective tattooing after burns or injury.

SCA (skin colour Activation)

It’s skin Needling using a tattoo machine to activate your own melanin in white scars.

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My permanent make up eyebrows are life changing.

I would stress every time I went swimming that my eyebrows would wash off. I would arise every morning before my partner to draw my eyebrows on. I looked like a drag queen with my drawn on brows but completely alien without them.

My only regret is that I didn't come to you sooner. You are so talented and knew intuitively where to tattoo, the thickness, the shape and the colour.

I've had friends ask if I'd lost weight or had my hair done but the best part is, I can enjoy playing and swimming with my 6 year old son without worrying that I look like a weirdo.

Thanks and regards

Rita Porreca has performed permanent make-up on my eyebrows twice in the last seven years, initially because of a lack of eyebrows due to years of plucking. It meant I no longer had to ‘pencil’ in a brow.

Since the initial treatment I have had a touch up but have found it to be a lasting answer to my problem.

Rita performed both treatments with the expertise you would expect to receive. I would thoroughly recommend the treatment to anyone.

—P. Munro - NSW

As a fitness Instructor, having my lips tattooed, meant never having to be told after a class that I had lipstick smeared on my face, or leaving evidence on everything I ate or drank.

Being a wearer of very dark lippy this was a real problem for me which now has been solved. Now I just add SPF15 gloss and off I go.

—A. Whiteside - NSW

I have had permanent eyebrows done by Rita. All I can say is she is simply the best in the business.

Please take the time to look at her work.

—L. Graham – Parramatta