Non Laser/Tattoo Removal

The Skinial Non Laser Tattoo removal system uses a removal liquid based on lactic acid, a substance that is naturally produced by the body’s own metabolism.

The beauty of this system is that it actually REMOVES the tattoo ink from the skin the same way it was put into the skin. A tattoo machine is used to penetrate the skin, the removal liquid is applied and the body naturally breaks down the unwanted pigment. A scab forms and when this falls off, the pigment goes with it and the tattoo is removed without laser!

It works on all ink colours and is suitable for small to medium size tattoos also eyebrow tattoos. Generally, 3-6 treatments 8 to 10 weeks apart needed depending on the size of the body tattoo.

Using the highest standard of hygiene; our tattoo equipment is medical grade our technicians go through a rigorous training which we continue to constantly update following the latest in scientific research.

It is recommended that clients have an initial consultation and patch/tolerance test to ensure no allergic reaction, although allergic reactions are extremely rare.

Tattoo removal costs vary according to the size of tattoo, but in general minimal treatments are needed making the Skinial Tattoo removal method more cost effective than any other method.

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Recently had my tattoo removal by Rita. She was very professional and explained the treatment thoroughly.
Still need to have a few more treatments but happy with the way it’s looking.
Skin was a little red after first treatment but settled down after a few days.

—Glen, Gladesville