Pro Dermal Active O-Biome Oxygen Therapy Treatment (PDA)

PDA Treatment increases your Lymphatic system which will detoxify, lift, firm and brighten the skin as well as a collagen boost...  

Oxygen Therapy Treatment

What more do you need!!

This 90 minute facial uses infused peptides from the Oxygenating peel and electrical muscle stimulation technology will oxygenate the blood flow delivering nutrients to the cells.

The  lymphatic enzyme mask is customised to your skins needs and left on for 45 mins The occlusion of the mask pulses the lymph nodes and eliminates the skin of toxins and impurities.

Its a perfect choice for pigmented,congested, dull or uneven texture while it lifts and firms tired skin.

PDA Treatment

Whats included in this treatment:

  • Cleanse & exfoliation
  • Prodermal Oxygenating Peel
  • O Rejuv Facial Massage
  • Prodermal Active Lymphatic Enzyme Mask
    (a 45min setting mask personalised to your concern to create a lavish lymphatic compression experience.)

More Lymphatic Flow, Means More Glow